I'm just throwing this out there, but we would support a petition for Wotan emoji on this server.

@kazarboy Ugh, now I need to do a month trial of DCU just so I can rewatch Brave and the Bold.

@kazarboy Diedrich Bader did such a good take on Batman.

My favorite episodes are probably the ones with the Injustice Syndicate.

Gentleman Ghost is my favorite villain though.

@LODOK It is a great reminder why the 90s were bad. The 60s cover is rad tho.

@LODOK Thus the "But really bad". I like Guy Davis's art, this just looks like a bad version of it.

I think Batman: The Brave and the Bold was honestly the show that gave me the most knowledge about the DC universe. That was a solid fucking show.

@LODOK Really impressed that they got Seinfeld era Julia Louis-Dreyfus to pose for the 1990s variant cover.

@pentaro What would your sibling say is the right way to go?

@LODOK was right. Comixology Unlimited disappoints again. They said they have all of Locke & Key available to read, but the 6th book, Alpha & Omega, is not free to read. Guess I will be canceling after the trial membership.

After doing a re-read of Locke & Key, I am remembering just how different it is from the Netflix show. Like, the Netflix show was good, but it's very different.

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