If I move to this account full time, the timeline is just gonna be me and Larry yelling into the void.

I'm just throwing this out there, but we would support a petition for Wotan emoji on this server.

I think Batman: The Brave and the Bold was honestly the show that gave me the most knowledge about the DC universe. That was a solid fucking show.

@LODOK was right. Comixology Unlimited disappoints again. They said they have all of Locke & Key available to read, but the 6th book, Alpha & Omega, is not free to read. Guess I will be canceling after the trial membership.

After doing a re-read of Locke & Key, I am remembering just how different it is from the Netflix show. Like, the Netflix show was good, but it's very different.

This entire instance is like that Goosebumps CYOA book "Little Comic Shop Of Horros" if you got the ending where you were stuck in a comic forever.

People on mastodon: Oh man, Larry has an account to complain about comics.

*someone mentions hellboy*


I did the import all my followers thing and I realized that's stupid as hell, I'll see everyone over on my m.s. Account and I should keep this account more niche, so if I unfollow you that's why. Nothing against you, just don't need to see everything doubled up

Locke & Key Season 1 Spoiler 

Sam's death was much more human in the show. I'm a sucker for redemption arks.

I'm liking Locke and Key a lot. The thing I was worried about in the trailer got covered in the show.

Thinking about the mastodon mascot (a mastodon) dressed like Hellboy.

I should learn CSS to make this instance look comic-y.


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