“Listen, O son/daughter of mine. Strike without understanding, and the blow will bite your hand. Strike with anger, and the blow will mangle your arm. But strike with fear, and you might as well hack off your own head.”

– Song of Maybe

“The old bugger always tried to dissuade his own worship. Hated the whole idea of divinity, matter of fact. But it didn’t matter. The common people worshiped him. The city guard worshiped him, and so did the priest class. Bleeding hells, the demiurges, princes of the world, held him as their king. I’m sure a few o’ them had a little beardy shrine set up somewhere.

I mean, just look at what the bastard could do.”

– Mars Pallatrix, Belligerent knight

“If you ever hear the Night Curse spoken, run. It only passes the lips of devils, and only when they are up to misdeeds. This is known in nearly all of the ten thousand kingdoms.”

-Payapop Pritram


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