I was thinking “wow Justice League is getting good now in the final stretch” and then I realized... Snyder is the only credited writer

That explains it

This is what’s known as a “shit sandwich”

(Justice League #36)

‪... Bruce, your arm was entirely encased in ice. I don’t think the numbing is from the warming serum‬

‪You said it, kid‬
‪(From Absolute Carnage #5) ‬

‪Mailing a picture of the lady gremlin to Marvel editorial, marked as “OK to print”‬

another month of marvel solicitations, another month of me looking at them and going "welp, guess it's just Avengers and Daredevil yet again"

what in the holy hell are they doing

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@LODOK we have to get out of here! Your vagina is haunted!

*Jim Balent voice*
I love my curvy witch wife

95% sure kelley jones was using Angela White photo references for this entire story. bless

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i am currently reading the Catwoman 80th anniversary special

a good reminder of how freakin bad Ann Nocenti is at writing comics. holy hell

pretty cool how Hickman and Rod Reis did a whopping total of 2 issues before bailing on New Mutants. Marvel sucks so much

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“Worth killing for.
Worth dying for.
Worth going to hell for.

I love you, coffee.” — Magik

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The Snyder Cut is the exact same cut as regular except Cyborg is hanging dong the whole movie

The Bendis-ing.... it’s too much. We’ve hit critical Bendis levels

(Legion of Super-Heroes #1)

‪Comics used to be so bad that people thought Chris Claremont was good‬

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