this month's comic order... things are lookin great 😬

‪What a weird expression. I think he’s into it ‬

‪(from Detective Comics #1019, art by Scott Godlewski)‬

oh cool Marvel is finally putting out OSHCs for Avengers and Daredevil... The two Marvel series I was buying in singles. So now I don't have to do that anymore!

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pretty much every Black Panther comic is free on Comixology right now (single issues only, not collections, though it doesn't matter for digital anyway)

even includes Christopher Priest's classic run:

The government needs to give me more money so I can spend it on comics. I’m helping the economy

Really enjoying Communist Mongul

(Green Lantern: Blackstars #2)

Every Grant Morrison comic is a blessing

(Green Lantern: Blackstars #1)

This photoshoppy style every Korean artist uses sucks enough already, they could at least try to make it look a *little* like the person it’s supposed to be

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This is a cover for a Bettie Page comic. I don’t think the artist has ever seen Bettie Page and just tried to draw her from someone’s description

I was thinking “wow Justice League is getting good now in the final stretch” and then I realized... Snyder is the only credited writer

That explains it

This is what’s known as a “shit sandwich”

(Justice League #36)

‪... Bruce, your arm was entirely encased in ice. I don’t think the numbing is from the warming serum‬

‪You said it, kid‬
‪(From Absolute Carnage #5) ‬

‪Mailing a picture of the lady gremlin to Marvel editorial, marked as “OK to print”‬

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