so... DC is just going to continue releasing their comics digitally during all this

this REALLY fucks over comic shops, even more than was already happening. what the hell

That’s Tom Selleck

(also lol at the colorist just going “fuck it” on the bow tie)

stephanie brown/damian wayne was the best team since booster gold and blue beetle

(from Batgirl (vol 3) #17, by Bryan Q Miller and Pere Perez)

hahaha epic, Absolute Dark Knight got re-solicited, finally. cant wait for it to get cancelled again for no reason

apparently i missed that si spurrier is writing Justice League now. time to drop that too!

buy up all these appearances of Punchline tho, shes gonna be a Big Deal, and not just killed off in about 10 issues or forgotten like Joker's Daughter

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James Tynion might be the single worst popular comic writer

like yeah there are worse ones doing C or D-level books but god damn this idiot keeps failing ass-first into the top series

guess thats what happens when youre buds with Scott Snyder

looking at marvel's june solicits and it's ENDLESS TRAAAAAAASH as usual. jesus christ what are they doing

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@LODOK this is the first shazam/captain marvel ongoing since the 80s and is supposed to be a blueprint for shazam 2 but uh, that movie's gonna release before the storyline finishes in the comic at this rate

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we've had 13 issues of shazam in like 2 and a half years. BUT they still haven't given the rest of the shazam family their new code names despite 6 of them existing as heroes since 2014...just tell us geoff

this month, after cutting the various x-books due to them never coming out on time, i'm only getting 5 books from marvel:

- amazing spider-man 45/46
- daredevil annual & 21
- ... iWolverine #1 (it's Larry Hama and Roland Boschi, and only a 2-issue mini)

?!?!? solicits for Shazam 13 says Superboy Prime is showing up in it. hell yes

i look forward to reading that if it ever comes out

ah yeah that was it. and now that they've caught up it's back to monthly, makes sense i guess

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